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Nordic style three bedrooms

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China 2019


Bathroom Vanities, Kitchen cabinet, wardrobe andStorage Cabinets


Professional Design, On-Site Assistance


It has its own 25,000 square-meter custom home factory, which is customized according to the whole house. Meloni also has a high-quality team, designer one-on-one design, style and style, more humane.

The Nordic style is simple, natural, cozy, comfortable and casual, and it is more and more popular.

The living room audio-visual cabinet has a powerful storage function and is also decorative. Symmetrical treatment in appearance, open the door to hide the storage items on both sides, put some common items in the middle department of the cabinet, and store the unusable items in the upper cabinet. Tailored to the size of the items to be stored, make full use of the space, open small compartments in the middle, decorations and common small pieces have a home. The following rows of drawers can also store commonly used documents, and the poor color design can better echo the design style theme.

The study has a folding wall bed that can be folded up as a bookcase to prevent debris and can be opened when the guests arrive.

The color tone of the master bedroom is mainly white and wood, the wall is apricot, and the overall atmosphere is lazy and comfortable. The wooden wardrobe with white accents does not seem too simple.

The style of the second bedroom is always the same as the master bedroom, with a large bay window.

The white cabinet with gray countertops and floor tiles makes the kitchen simple and stylish. It has a wine rack, multiple drawers and hinged cabinets.

The porch shoe has a powerful function. In order to meet the needs of ordinary shoes storage, the shoe cabinet has increased the function of the hanging area and the shoe changing stool, which is more humanized. The reserved area of the function area is convenient for charging the mobile phone, as well as designing small hooks and attaching keys and work cards.

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